Jan 3 game

1/3/10 On the ledge Talvin and Nev retrieved, there is a chest and scrolls. 5,000 Silver and scrolls found. Each silver coin has symbol of clan Hultchar (Scary dwarf clan). Each coin has the clan symbol and a face of Dwarven undead. The clan is scary legend of Dwarves that say they steal children and then turn them undead[coughdwarfplotlinecough]. Group decides to move back to the surface. Durith scouts ahead of party on the return to the surface. Fight with large goblin like creatures who eventually fail to uphold troop morale against the flame throwing cheetah that Kirjabel has become and run away. Go back to main chamber, meet 8 guards again and the caltrops the Frey set up. Mostly rigged passageway for collapse. Random noble for king is overseeing that it gets done. “5 more days. King wants this place shut down.” “Can one of you tell Shonda what has happened?” Cheetah/Kir growls. The Fray is concerned as to whether we have found any trace of their scout. We didn’t. We tell Frey we ran into some Goblins, but are ready to go back down later. We need to get extension from king Talvin believes. Talvin goes to get info about golems. Thinks the spire can keep secret for about 3 days. We go back to the surface to heal and resupply. Talvin is denied extension by the King. Callin and Kirjabel go to talk to Morsis and to Xathis. Callin and Kir go w/ Xathis and Morsis to Rucknirians to heal Kir’s poison. On the way in, the gate guard that usually taunts visitors spikes a bag of itching powder into Xathis’s face. Guard gets punched and then everybody in the courtyard get really excited that the guy finally hit Xathis and carry him away on a stretcher to celebrate. They yell to bring out the next guy and some random naked guy gets pulled out of a shed and thrown into the courtyard. Xathis leaves to take a shower. The Mistress of Spite gives Callin a Sanalorean sword that is baned vs air elementals. Morsis mentioons offhand that she and Xathis have been honeymooning this week. Kir and Callin invite her and Xathis to join them in fighting web golem. Morsis has never heard of a web golem before so says it sounds fun. Nev buys 3 cure light wounds for 450g; Talvin builds Wand of Lesser Orb of acid for 375 for Nev. Talvin has one made for him too. It does 50 charges of Acid. Nev buys 10 Acid vials 1 lb each, 3 holding, and 7 in Talvin’s bad of holding. After three days we are completely healed and go back down w/ Morsis and Xathis. Doors are metal set in rock solid stone wall. Web Golem is back in the middle. Plan of Morsis, and it makes sense, is there might be a key he is using and a command after so many weapons are obtained (7). We decide to throw mundane weapons on it to verify. It works. It takes 16 hours for it to come out and reset. At this pt we have only 1.5 days to complete before they seal the opening. Kalin finally makes a hit and it is at zero. Talvin uses wand of acid and it goes down. Web golem defeated and searched. His hand had the key w/in the web. Searching it found: 4000 silver, blood stone worth 60g, amethyst worth 40g, rose quartz 40g, oil of Shaleila, 1 cure light wounds potion (150g Compass cost), divine scroll 5th level of slow, skeleton. Earring on skeleton has the Frey symbol on it (thief’s guild). We enter the room. 3 metal golems, 1 golem on fire. Edges of room glow purple. The walls glowing look like they have electrical conduits that flow blue. Middle faint red symbol on floor. Two holds diagonal with the symbol in the floor in a row. All golems seem ready to action for us. Fire golem went through the door in the diagonal corner from the symbol on the floor. Callin rides in on his horse, Bouf. There is a trap on the floor and it falls through: Kalin is hanging on the edge. 40 foot drop in the whole w/ water at the bottom. It is a force golem, but takes damage from acid. Nev is pulled in upon entering the room and ends up 40ft down in the water. Treading water. Kir crawls down into hole with her giant lizard, Fluffy, to try to help. Nev sucked down somewhere else. Callin uses the lizard as a step to get out of the hole just in time for a golem to step on the red glowy square and set off a fire ball. The dwarf decides to drive a pylon into the floor outside the doors so that he can anchor himself in case one of the golems tries to push him into one of the holes. Xathis and Calton tie a rope between them and take off to try to clothesline the golem. Calton gets knocked in a hole, pinning Xathis in place for the golem to come and fireball again. Callin is stuck in the middle of the fireball trigger, if he moves he will set it off again. Elle runs around the edge of the room to try to heal Callin but stay out of the way of the fireballs. She notices a secret door as she passes part of the wall. Kir is ducking in and out of the hole she is in healing people but gets fireballed into unconsciousness. She is held up by Fluffy until someone can heal her. Durith finishes driving his pylon into the ground. He then ties a rope to it very securely [shifty eyes]. He came into the room and healed Kirjabel and got ready to dive in after Nev. Xathis is unconcerned with looking for the halfling but Callin argues that she should be found. Kirjabel explains that Nev was sucked under the water with force and is now either going to be eaten by a monster or very far downstream. Callin is upset but Kir is sure that the thief will get out some crazy way per usual. Morsis is puzzled by Callin’s sadness and goes to see what the dwarf and rubae are arguing about. Durith has also found the secret door. The door is not locked- inside there are four CRAZY MAGIC THINGS [generators for the electrical conduits]. The things have switches on them and are heavily trapped. Durith disarms the traps but still can’t throw the switches. The group wanders over to the next door. Behind this door two force golems and a magma golem have positioned themselves on the other side of a long walkway in front of an other set of doors. Everyone stares at this for a minute and then decide to close the door again. The third door has a staircase leading down. Durith checks for traps and secret doors VERY CAREFULLY all the way down. This takes about two hours. At the bottom of the stairs is a room with some big water generators…. and also some big storm elementals. Callin, Calton and Xathis are at the head of the group and they move in to pick a fight. The elementals roll out of the room and proceed to mostly kill everyone on the stairs (Kirjabel, Elle, and Morsis). Finally, the elementals are defeated. Nothing else appears to be in the room. Back in the main room everyone discusses strategy for getting past the golems in the second door. It is decided that Durith will drive some more pylons outside the door that Calton and Callin will secure themselves to in order to avoid being thrown off the walkway. Morsis casts a spell on Xathis that makes him able to fly but he pretends to be running so that the golems won’t notice right away. These three charge in. They are doing a pretty decent job of fighting the golems. Kir sends in a hippogriff to help out. Callin and Calton gt blown off the walkway and Xathis and hippogriff finish off the magma golem. Inside the door is a room with a bunch of doors and a column of energy in the center holding up a staff. Most of the doors are unlocked. One has a library where Talvin finds some friends for a spellbook that he has. One is locked… except for Elle- she can open it easily. Inside is a dias with a hologram of a rubae talking. Nev gets out of water finally, barely alive. Heals self. Nev uses Orb and creates demi plane of shadow. 3 hrs in shadow plan go along edge back to edge of the room, by following water edge that is. Catch up w/ the rest of the party. In room that only Elle can go into it appears a regal hologram is seen. Hologram of Thriznix. Talking to each other in Rubae. She looks confused, scared, horrified. She tells us only Thriznix left to join group over 15000 yrs ago and left her lair on max defense setting. Left staff to be guarded, part of the everit codery, Thriznix codery. Stuff not found yet. Notice the book Talvin has is like other 4 books, and takes other set of books. Now have Thriznix complete set of books. Elle pulls staff out and it levitates. It looks like another piece of a giant weapon (like one in Anvil told about). One hidden in Compass. Morsis thinks that the weapons and other stuff could be on a different ledge that the Web golem used either down cavern walls or in the water cavern. She goes down cliff and comes back up. She has Talvin empty out the bag of holding and takes Dwarf down to search for hidden rooms. Way down he checks for traps, found one. Unlocked trap w/ the key from the Web Golem. Filled bag up. All weapons returned. Additional: set of full plate w/ ruins, robe, a couple of rings, some bracers, hauberk, chain whip w/ cat o nine tails on end, and a dagger. All is magical. Take one of the constructs w/ the Opalescence eyes. The murals up top explain it leads to the hidden chambers of Thriznix. They demolish the tunnel. Talvin gives the Fray back their skeleton buddy.

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